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[ NNSquad ] The Head of Google News on the Future of News

The Head of Google News on the Future of News

http://j.mp/IQpiW4  (MIT)

    He starts with his main point: The pace of technological change
    will not abate, and to think of our current time as a transition
    between two eras, rather than a continuum of change, is a mistake.
    There has been tremendous disruption in journalism, but there are
    upsides:  everyone has a printing press, there are no gatekeepers
    [or at least new gatekeepers], and journalism can and will be
    better than in the past.

 - - -

The point about our being in a technology (and policy) *continuum* is
critically important to understand.  Most of the details that we sweat
over every day in these realms will likely be relegated to background
footnotes in the future -- if that.  It has always been that way with
technology.  Keeping our contributions to the "whole" in mind, would
seem a useful community-positive approach.

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