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[ NNSquad ] Weekend video special pick: 1999 Tech, as Viewed From the 60s

Weekend video special pick: 1999 Tech, as Viewed From the 60s

A special diversion this weekend, in the "to know where you're going,
you need to know where you've been" category.

This Philco-Ford film from the 60s attempts to postulate the technological
family future of 1999.  I've seen segments from this before, but never
the entire 25 minute piece.  

What's so interesting is how much they got right, as well as where they
missed the mark.  Note that (not unusual for such pieces) they got quite
a bit of the technology well into focus, but assumed drastic changes in
housing and other routine aspects of family life that are much less
accurately aimed.


"1999 A.D."

http://j.mp/M5ewhS  (YouTube)

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