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[ NNSquad ] A quick experiment: Does Google Favor Itself in Organic (Natural) Search Results?

A quick experiment: Does Google Favor Itself in Organic (Natural)
Search Results?

A few quick tests, using a browser I don't normally use (Internet
Explorer), when logged out of all services.

Search for "maps": Google Maps is indeed top natural result on Google
Search. And on Bing. And on Excite. And on Yahoo. Looks like there's
agreement there, so any claim of self-favoritism in this case is
deflated with extreme prejudice.

Search for "driving directions": Top Google Search natural result:
Mapquest, followed by Yahoo Map, followed by Google Maps.

Search for "email" or "e-mail": Top Google Search natural result:
Yahoo.  (In fact, for "email" Gmail doesn't show up until the third
natural result, after both Yahoo and Hotmail.)

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