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[ NNSquad ] A solution to the CAPTCHA problem? Probably not.

A solution to the CAPTCHA problem?  Probably not.

"Are You A Human' CAPTCHA Game Brings Fun To Web Security"

http://j.mp/KIMZBd  (Huffington)

   "The "Are You A Human" CAPTCHA asks you to select the pepperoni with
    your mouse and drag it onto the pizza. By dropping the animated
    toppings onto the virtual pie, you've shown that you're a human.
    Access granted: You're into the site, no text CAPTCHA necessary."

 - - -

Now, before you think to yourself that the "solution" discussed in
this article has general applicability, it's worthwhile to keep in
mind that increasingly, mass solving of CAPTCHAs is already being done
by humans, being paid pennies each in large numbers to solve CAPTCHAs
in real time. There is no reason to believe they will be any less
effective at subverting the technique described here.

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