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[ NNSquad ] Google - Notifying users affected by the DNSChanger malware

Google - Notifying users affected by the DNSChanger malware

http://j.mp/Kwnkdd  (Google Online Security Blog)

  "Starting today we're undertaking an effort to notify roughly half a
   million people whose computers or home routers are infected with a
   well-publicized form of malware known as DNSChanger. After
   successfully alerting a million users last summer to a different
   type of malware, we've replicated this method and have started
   showing warnings via a special message that will appear at the top
   of the Google search results page for users with affected devices."

  - - -

This is a really great idea.  Let's see if Bing joins in.  My most 
recent discussion of this issue is at:

http://j.mp/JBZtvR  (Lauren's Blog)

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