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[ NNSquad ] Cyber-scaremongers excited about Al Qaeda video

Cyber-scaremongers excited about Al Qaeda video
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Lieberman says terrorist video proves need for cybersecurity standards

http://j.mp/KRKaho  (The Hill)

We can all agree that cybersecurity is an important issue.  I also
strongly believe that the cyberwar industry and some associated
politicians are playing the mainstream media like a violin.

Today we have Sen. Joe Lieberman attempting to use an Al Qaeda video
about cyberattacks -- which essentially parrots back the alarmist
statements made by U.S.-based cyberwar industry proponents -- as "more
evidence" of the need for a major crackdown on the Internet.

It's important to note the circular reasoning being employed by 
Sen. Lieberman in this case (who we will recall has in the past downplayed
Al Qaeda messages that did not fit into his legislative agenda).

The U.S. cyber-scaremongers go on "60 Minutes" and proclaim that the
cybersky is falling.  Al Qaeda picks up a copy of the show, and edits
those statements into their video.  

Sen Lieberman then points at Al Qaeda quoting back the U.S. cyberscare
tactics, and he then proclaims in essence, "See!  That proves it!"

A textbook example of useless "circular logic" in action.

Cybersecurity is a crucial issue.  There are many key aspects related
to cybersecurity that need attention.  But if we continue to treat
this area with the same lack of honest logic and reality that
increasingly damages other areas of science and technology policy in
this country, we may seriously damage the Internet and the Internet
community in general, not just in the U.S., but around the world.

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