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[ NNSquad ] FCC chairman supports broadband data caps amid Netflix protests

FCC chairman supports broadband data caps amid Netflix protests

http://j.mp/JnkpZz  (Washington Post)

   "Julius Genachowski said during a cable industry trade show in Boston
    that "usage-based pricing could be healthy and beneficial" for
    broadband and high-tech industries."

 - - -

Given the FCC's utter lack at success in achieving even mere
transparency requirements for major ISPs, much less means to deal with
their anticompetitive behaviors and long history of cherry-picking
broadband deployments, lying to local communities, attempting to block
municipal broadband, and in general working to constrain competition,
such a statement by Genachowski might reasonably leave one incredulous.

Unless, of course, you consider the possibility that he's essentially
"given up" on achieving needed reforms in this political climate, and
is already jockeying for a dandy post-FCC position in the industry.

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