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[ NNSquad ] Yahoo's new "Axis" apparently leaks private key, forgets Term of Service

Yahoo's new "Axis" apparently leaks private key, forgets Terms of Service
http://j.mp/JpgLi5  (This message on Google+)

 - - -

Yahoo today announced with great fanfare a new browser system for
mobile devices, and associated browser extensions for desktops, as the
rather oddly named (for anyone who has heard of World War II, anyway)

http://j.mp/Jpgnjv  (Yahoo)

There are signs that the Axis release was just a *bit* rushed.

Users have found chunks of the development environment in the released
code, and Yahoo appears to have accidentally included their
*private* crypto signing key as well:

http://j.mp/Jpgmw2   (Google+)

And their Terms of Service link at the moment leads to a placeholder:

http://j.mp/JpfKX8  (Google+)

You can provide your own jokes, if you wish.

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