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[ NNSquad ] Google launches Copyright Takedown Requests transparency reports

Google launches Copyright Takedown Requests transparency reports

http://j.mp/KuuPFD  (Google Blogspot)

   "Today we're expanding the Transparency Report with a new section on
    copyright. Specifically, we're disclosing the number of requests we
    get from copyright owners (and the organizations that represent them)
    to remove Google Search results because they allegedly link to
    infringing content. We're starting with search because we remove more
    results in response to copyright removal notices than for any other
    reason. So we're providing information about who sends us copyright
    removal notices, how often, on behalf of which copyright owners and
    for which websites. As policymakers and Internet users around the
    world consider the pros and cons of different proposals to address the
    problem of online copyright infringement, we hope this data will
    contribute to the discussion."

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