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[ NNSquad ] Noted Net Neutrality opponent reconsidering his position

Noted Net Neutrality opponent reconsidering his position

Four signs America's broadband policy is failing

http://j.mp/JR0r4B  (ars technica)

   "In 2008, I wrote a paper for the Cato Institute questioning the
    need for network neutrality regulations; I argued that the
    Internet's decentralized architecture made it inherently resistant
    to mischief by broadband incumbents. While I'm still skeptical
    about the wisdom of network neutrality regulations, I've become
    more concerned about the state of the broadband market in the four
    years since writing that paper. In a March article for National
    Affairs, I made a case for regulatory action to prevent further
    consolidation of the largest broadband firms.  What changed my
    thinking was less the theoretical arguments set out in that piece
    than it was a sequence of developments in the telecom marketplace.
    It forced me to reexamine my own assumptions about the state of
    the broadband market."

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