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[ NNSquad ] How much would it cost to pre-screen all YouTube videos?

How much would it cost to pre-screen all YouTube videos?

http://j.mp/KwvsPN  (TechDirt)

   "Last week we reported that videos were currently being uploaded to
    YouTube at the rate of 72 hours every minute, and asked how anybody
    could expect Google to pre-screen such a deluge. Techdirt Insider
    xenomancer has gone a little further by working out how much it would
    cost to screen that material for potential copyright infringement,
    doubtless something the media industries would love to see imposed."

 - - -

I keep saying that requiring YouTube to pre-screen uploaded videos,
even just at today's volume level, would be entirely impractical and
would kill YouTube (or similar services). It's intuitively obvious,
but hard numbers certainly help. Q.E.D.

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