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[ NNSquad ] Microsoft defaults Do Not Track to on, angering many

Microsoft defaults Do Not Track to on, angering many

http://j.mp/Lbjg4z  (WSJ)

   "But the Digital Advertising Alliance, a coalition that counts
    Microsoft as a member, said that the decision ran counter to the
    industry's agreement with the White House announced earlier this year
    to honor "do not track" as long as it is not a default setting ...
    Mozilla was the first Web browser to add a do-not-track feature to its
    Firefox Web browser, even though few advertisers agreed to honor the
    users' requests to not be tracked. Firefox, however, said it wouldn't
    turn on "do not track" by default. "We won't turn on Do Not Track by
    default because then it would be Mozilla making the choice, not the
    individual," Sid Stamm, lead privacy engineer at Mozilla wrote last
    year. Alex Fowler, global privacy and public policy lead for Mozilla,
    said Thursday that Mozilla remains committed to that position. "We're
    still committed to providing user choice," he said."

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Mozilla's position is the correct one on this.

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