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[ NNSquad ] Feds Tell Megaupload Users to Forget About Their Data (+ my comments)

Feds Tell Megaupload Users to Forget About Their Data (+ my comments)

http://j.mp/LNxFGt  (Wired)

  "Federal authorities say they may shut down cloud-storage services
   without having a duty to assist innocent customers in retrieving data
   lost in the process."

 - - -

I believe it's useful for the sake of analysis to replace "cloud-storage"
with "safe deposit boxes" -- and see how that affects the picture.

Imagine that there's a bank that engaged in shady operations (I know,
I know, *really* hard to visualize, huh?)  They offer safe deposit
boxes.  Among the box holders are a considerable number of crooks and
lots of law-abiding parties too.

So one day, the feds show up and close down the bank, on the basis of
the management's alleged misdeeds.  Then the feds say they're going to
confiscate the contents of the safe deposit boxes relevant to their
case, and simply *burn* the contents of all the other boxes, including
those of the innocent parties, on the basis that "it's too much
trouble" or "too expensive" to sort through the other boxes and get
the contents back to their owners, and that the government has no
obligation to do anything to help the innocent parties at all.

Can you *imagine* the reaction?

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