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[ NNSquad ] Cybersecurity Demos Planned / ICANN gTLD reveals

Cybersecurity Demos Planned / ICANN gTLD reveals
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http://j.mp/NcagBx  (The Hill / Constant Contact)

  "The Lead: Sens. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine)
   will host a cybersecurity demonstration on Wednesday morning showing
   hackers' methods and ways to defend against them.  Homeland Security
   Department officials will conduct two demonstrations: one for senators
   and one for members of the media.  The sessions are part of a push for
   cybersecurity legislation."

  "ICANN set to reveal domain names: The nprofit organization that
   manages the Web's address system will unveil thousands of applications
   for new Web domain names on Wednesday.  The Internet Corporation for
   Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) began accepting applications for
   the new Web address endings, known as generic top-level domains,
   earlier this year. Soon websites will be able to end in almost any
   word or phrase, such as .bank or .food, in addition to traditional
   endings like .com and .org.  The deadline to apply for a new domain
   was last month. ICANN had expected about 500 applications but received
   more than 1,900."
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Wow.  A doubleheader!  You all know how I feel about both of these
topics.  But you have to admire the tactical approach of having not
just one rigged cyberscare demo, but *two*, each carefully tailored
for its targeted audience.

And here's a couple of predictions about ICANN's new gTLDs.  First, a
bunch of lawyers are already busily prep'ing their Porsche orders.
Also, how much would you bet that once ICANN's gTLD applications list
is public, we'll start seeing those gTLDs showing up in deceiving
manners on forged email From: lines and in obfuscated URLs contained
in phishes and other crooked mailings and frauds, long before any
of them are approved and actually deployed.  Anyone care to bet
against me on this one?

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