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[ NNSquad ] Verifying Ages Online Is a Daunting Task, Even for Experts

Verifying Ages Online Is a Daunting Task, Even for Experts

http://j.mp/MfX37L  (New York Times)

  "Just how hard can it be to verify the age of a person online?  After
   all, privacy experts have been complaining for years about how much
   advertisers know about people who use the Internet.  The answer, it
   turns out, is very hard."

 - - -

And even if you establish a Big Brother database and force everyone to
use biometric IDs all the time -- people will still find ways to evade
the systems, en masse.  The bottom line: It may not be immortality,
but in key ways and from a practical standpoint we're all ageless on
the Internet.

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