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[ NNSquad ] Anti-Mail-Block Resend! - "The TLD Song" (With Apologies to Tom Lehrer and Gilbert & Sullivan)

Anti-Mail-Block Resend! - "The TLD Song" 
(With Apologies to Tom Lehrer and Gilbert & Sullivan)

Isn't spam blocking fun?  Yesterday, I sent out the message below,
including the full lyrics for my "TLD Song."  Since then, I've learned
that the inclusion of those lyrics triggered widespread rejection of
the message by mail servers, apparently for two different interesting

1) Certain proposed gTLDs included in my lyrics themselves triggered
   conservatively configured blocking programs.  Yeah, those TLDs
   are gonna work out *really* well ...

2) The word pattern of the lyrics, consisting almost entirely of
   many comma-separated words, apparently triggered other blocking
   criteria on many systems.

So, here's the message without the lyrics.  The lyrics themselves
are at: http://lauren.vortex.com/archive/000968.html

But be careful if you email them!

My apologies if you received the original message and this copy is
 - - -

    "The TLD Song" (With Apologies to Tom Lehrer and Gilbert & Sullivan)


To the tune of "The Elements" and "The Major-General's Song."
With apologies to Tom Lehrer and Gilbert & Sullivan.

ICANN's top level domain expansion scheme can be called a lot of
things: expensive, deceptive, exploitive, extortive, enraging,
confusing, embarrassing, and more ... but when you actually look at
the massive, rather insane list ( http://j.mp/LTEeFh ) of TLD
applications submitted so far, I'm forced to admit that ICANN's plan
can also be called ...  entertaining.  And so, with apologies to the
great Tom Lehrer and his "Elements" song, and of course to Gilbert and
Sullivan and their "Major-General's Song" from the "Pirates of
Penzance," I offer ...  "The TLD Song."

MP3 Audio Performance: http://j.mp/Mm6qRD 
(2:30 minutes / ~2 MB) [Lauren's Blog]

YouTube Performance: http://j.mp/Mm6wZA 
(Click "CC" for closed captions and settings.)

Lyrics: http://lauren.vortex.com/archive/000968.html

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