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[ NNSquad ] Scripting News: "ICANN is Wrong"

Scripting News: "ICANN is Wrong"

http://j.mp/MHiGhc  (Scripting)

   "Now you see the problem. And it extends to words and concepts that
    weren't created by anyone living today. Sex, love, laughter, babies,
    books, songs, cars, poetry, etc. These things shouldn't be TLDs,
    they're too important, too basic to life. Not the kinds of things any
    company, for crying out loud, should be able to claim to own.
    Further, this is clearly going to cause more problems like the
    terrible gridlock that's forming over software patents. Companies
    fighting over our future, with the rest of us left as bystanders,
    pawns. We could see the patent mess coming years before it did, but
    weren't able to head it off. This time we can and must."

 - - -

Clearly, it is the truly generic TLD names that are the most
problematic.  A company wanting a TLD that is its own name is likely
only to use that TLD for their own purposes -- whether or not this
does them any good over their well-known dot-coms of course is
questionable.  But generic words introduce control over the entire
universe of people and firms who might want to use that word, and is
where the abominable "gold rush domainer" aspects of the situation
that ICANN has created surface en masse.

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