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[ NNSquad ] Cato / Public Citizen: Tim Wu is wrong claiming search engines aren't protected by the First Amendment

It's Not Computers Whose Speech is Protected -- It's Their Owners

http://j.mp/MBkQxi  (Public Citizen)

We're Not Censoring YOU-Just Your Computer!

http://j.mp/MBkWFd  (CATO)

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The algorithms that generate search engine results are the result
of *human minds* -- they do not spring forth as miracles in an empty
cosmos.  In the case of Google, those algorithms are tweaked hundreds
of times a year, as the result of human beings brainstorming on ways
to create better, more relevant results.  Google posted a video of one
such search quality meeting sometime back:

http://j.mp/MBmizT  (YouTube)

Google now also routinely publishes reports listing changes being
made in the algorithms.

To try (as Tim Wu does) to divorce search results from their human
creators is senseless.  If it can be demonstrated that search results
are unfairly biased, that is the fault of their creators, not the
algorithms, or the software that implements them, nor the hardware
that executes them.

In Google's case, it's clear that there are outside parties upset that
they cannot achieve the result rankings that they wish (there is only
a single organic number one slot for any given set of search results).
But it has not been demonstrated that natural results unfairly favor
Google, and empirical testing suggests that Google's natural results
are indeed not unfairly biased:

http://j.mp/KSNCg0  (Lauren's Blog)

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