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[ NNSquad ] Microsoft blocks Free Software Foundation as a "gambling site"

Microsoft blocks Free Software Foundation as a "gambling site"

http://j.mp/PVVqwC  (FSF)

   "We expect they will make this correction as well, but nonetheless we
    strongly suggest you avoid using proprietary "network security"
    software from Microsoft. If you need to provide evidence to someone
    else to illustrate why using such software is a bad idea, feel free to
    use us as an example. If your workplace uses the software currently,
    please point to this post and ask them to drop it. Proprietary
    security software is an oxymoron -- if the user is not fundamentally
    in control of the software, the user has no security.  If Microsoft's
    "reputation" database can't tell the difference between a gambling
    site and an independently audited registered nonprofit public-interest
    charity founded almost 30 years ago, it is certainly doing you and
    your business more harm than good."

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