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[ NNSquad ] U.S. Dept. of Search Engine Censorship Services Radio Spot: "Changing History"

                U.S. Dept. of Search Engine Censorship Services 
                        Radio Spot: "Changing History"


With all the concerns and discussions surrounding governments wanting
to limit, control, micromanage, and censor search engines, it probably
should not come as a great surprise that the very fabric of time and
space could be affected by the millions of words written about these
topics, spinning in magnetic flux on uncountable disk drives in data
centers scattered across the planet.

Still, I was not prepared for what appeared mysteriously within my
inbox yesterday -- a large attachment with initially no apparent
source, which turned out to be something wholly unexpected.

Thinking about where this apparently came from, and especially how it
came to be here, may be an exercise in futility.  So I'll simply share
and let you draw your own conclusions.  The universe is a mysterious
place indeed -- especially where Internet censorship is concerned.

U.S. Dept. of Search Engine Censorship Services 
Career Opportunities Radio Spot: 

"Changing History":  http://j.mp/LNBxpS  [YouTube (~1 minute)]

"Yes, this is a satire."
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