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[ NNSquad ] Microsoft backs down from claim of Android spam botnet

Microsoft backs down from claim of Android spam botnet
http://j.mp/MYwFjP  (This message on Google+)

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http://j.mp/MYwYv1  (WSJ)

   "Internet security researchers said Thursday they may have been
    mistaken about claims that mobile devices powered by Google Inc.'s
    Android operating system were hacked and used to send spam emails."

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Based on the information so far, it looks like Microsoft was oh so
anxious to try stab Google over this claim, that they went public
based on "evidence" so weak that even novice spam fighters would have
known better.  If a "signature" had been inserted that read, "Yahoo
Mail for Windows 8," would these guys have been so fast to jump the gun
without collaborating data?

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