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[ NNSquad ] (Android Police): Why the Nexus 7 only has 8GB of non-expandable storage

(Android Police): Why the Nexus 7 only has 8GB of non-expandable storage

http://j.mp/LF5NCK  (Android Police)

   "And herein lies some of the reasoning for that 8GB starting point
    on the Nexus 7. (Most) pirates are cheap - we know that. That's
    why they pirate things. Do you think the average pirate is
    actually going to pony up the extra $50 to buy the 16GB Nexus 7?
    Probably not. You know what pirates hate? Work. So when they
    download a giant hoard of paid apps and games en masse and toss
    them onto the internal storage of their Nexus 7 along with a bunch
    of ripped DVDs, they'll find that they run out of space relatively
    quickly, and start having to make room."

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