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[ NNSquad ] Is Facebook damaging your reputation with sneaky political posts?

Is Facebook damaging your reputation with sneaky political posts?

http://j.mp/Mo6UoS  (ZDNET)

   "If you actively share a link, a post, or a photo, you expect that
    shared item to go out to your friends immediately. In this case,
    however, the posts are going out under your name because at some point
    in the past (in some cases in the distant past) you visited a page and
    clicked Like.  Yes, you voluntarily Liked that page and made it part
    of your Facebook profile. If a Facebook friend wants to go through
    your list of Likes, they can learn that you like the NRA or PETA or a
    seemingly innocuous group that you probably didn't realize was funded
    by Karl Rove's political action committee.  But I doubt that you
    expected that simple click to result in a flood of posts under your
    name months later."

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