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[ NNSquad ] Inside the BBC's Verification Hub

Inside the BBC's Verification Hub

http://j.mp/LeUpfq  (Neiman Reports / Harvard)

  "The soldiers-a number dressed, incongruously, in sneakers-appear to
   reply with gloating taunts. But they are mainly concentrating on the
   job at hand: covering the victim's head in earth. They do their grisly
   job well; in less than a minute his head is completely buried. The
   video then ends abruptly-the rest is silence.  One rain-swept morning
   in April, Trushar Barot, assistant editor at the BBC's User-Generated
   Content (UGC) Hub in London's rather bleakly monolithic BBC Television
   Centre, was studying the anonymously posted footage on YouTube. His
   Twitter feed was buzzing with news of the clip. Jon Williams, the
   BBC's world news editor, had also raised it at the 9 o'clock news
   meeting. What everyone wanted to know, on Twitter and in the newsroom,
   was this: Was the video real or fake? That is the kind of question the
   Hub is there to investigate."

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