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[ NNSquad ] "Don't Root for Aereo, the World's Most Ridiculous Start-up"

Don't Root for Aereo, the World's Most Ridiculous Start-up

http://j.mp/PV1yru  (Pando Daily)
   "But as a standalone service, Aereo makes no sense. Indeed, anyone who
    truly wishes for more common sense in the media business should root
    for Aereo's failure, not its victory. Let's never forget that this is
    a firm that will charge people a sky-high price for shows that we can
    all get for free. By perpetuating the idea that free television should
    be a service that we pay for-that merely rebroadcasting free
    television should incur some kind of convenience fee for
    customers-Aereo is cementing an indefensible policy.  Free TV should
    be free, wherever you get it. By suggesting otherwise, Aereo isn't
    merely profoundly stupid; it's dangerous, too."

 - - -

The "tiny antenna" argument has struck me as technically extremely
dubious all along -- all else aside.

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