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[ NNSquad ] Rotten Tomatoes says they'll likely move to [evil] Facebook Commenting system

Rotten Tomatoes says they'll likely move to [evil] Facebook Commenting system

http://j.mp/MhzvjT  (Rotten Tomatoes)

   "We're probably going to move to a Facebook-based commenting system
    that doesn't allow for anonymity. You'll have to stand by your
    comments, just like a critic does. So you'll still be able to argue
    about a movie you haven't seen, but people will know it was you. (I
    know that won't make a difference for some people, but at least there
    may be some measure of responsibility)."

 - - -

While "Rotten Tomatoes" is likely on the low end of the relative scale
regarding the importance of comments, my discussion in: "New Facebook
Feature Empowers the Dangerous "Comment Nazis" still holds true:
http://bit.ly/hQ36EA (Lauren's Blog).

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