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[ NNSquad ] Dotcom Extradition Judge Steps Down After "U.S. Enemy" Comment

Dotcom Extradition Judge Steps Down After "U.S. Enemy" Comment

http://j.mp/Pig4sa  (Torrent Freak)

   "The New Zealand judge handling the extradition case of Megaupload
    founder Kim Dotcom has dramatically stepped down from the role.
    Speaking at the NetHui conference last week, Judge David Harvey had
    voiced his feelings on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement,
    describing the United States as "the enemy". Accepting that the
    comments could lead people to question his impartiality in the case,
    Harvey has surrendered his role."

 - - -

It will be interesting to see if the new judge is as friendly toward
Megaupload's founder as the one who just talked himself off the case.

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