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[ NNSquad ] Comcast Internet to hit 305Mbps, 5 megabits faster than Verizon FiOS

Comcast Internet to hit 305Mbps, 5 megabits faster than Verizon FiOS

http://j.mp/NQgG7Y  (ars technica)

   "While Comcast's advertised download speed just slightly outpaces
    Verizon FiOS, the Platinum Internet tier will match the top FiOS
    upload speed of 65Mbps. Additionally, Comcast is doubling the speed of
    two existing Internet tiers (at no extra charge) from 25Mbps to 50Mbps
    and from 50Mbps to 105Mbps, starting this week."

 - - -

Anecdotal reports are suggesting that many subscribers who initially
buy into these higher speeds soon drop back down, finding that other
bottlenecks (including server capacities) render their average
effective speeds much lower -- and that the premium prices aren't
worthwhile.  Obviously, for households with a lot of Internet use
going on simultaneously the calculus is somewhat different, though
bandwidth caps (when present) are always an issue.

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