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[ NNSquad ] Skype pushing back against WashPost story on chat vs. law enforcement

Skype pushing back against WashPost story on chat vs. law enforcement

http://j.mp/PH93kj  (Skype)

  "In the last few days we have seen reports in the media we believe are
   inaccurate and could mislead the Skype community about our approach to
   user security and privacy. I want to clear this up." - Mark Gillett

 - - -

They are denying they made architectural changes to make law
enforcement access easier, and deny they can monitor voice or video
calls.  The thing is, the Washington Post article (in which I was
quoted) explicitly said they could not monitor voice or video calls,
and my sense of the situation was that the architectural changes they
made had the effect of making it easier to monitor chat exchanges --
not necessarily that the changes were made for that express purpose.
Skype does not appear to be addressing the underlying issue of whether
or not chat messages are now easier to provide to law enforcement
under the new architecture.

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