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[ NNSquad ] General warns of dramatic increase in cyber-attacks on U.S. firms

General warns of dramatic increase in cyber-attacks on U.S. firms

http://j.mp/MKPKbt  (L.A. Times)

  "Alexander said the military had yet to work out rules of engagement
   for responding to cyber-attacks, and he pointed out that neither of
   his agencies have the authority to defend against a cyber-attack on a
   private company, even if that company owns crucial infrastructure.
   The pending bill would fix that, he said.  Some business groups oppose
   the bill as intrusive, and some civil liberties groups say it
   compromises privacy.  Alexander pointedly refused to comment on
   Stuxnet, a cyber-attack on Iran's nuclear enrichment facilities that
   has been reported to have been the work of the U.S. and Israeli
   intelligence.  He also pushed back against the notion that the uptick
   in attacks on the U.S. is related to Stuxnet, which was first
   discovered in June 2010."

 - - -

There are indeed genuine cybersecurity concerns.  

But this legislative campaign by Alexander, et al. is mostly F.U.D.  


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