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[ NNSquad ] More on Craigslist vs. Sites using Craigslist Data

More on Craigslist vs. Sites using Craigslist Data

http://j.mp/PWVME8  (The Peanut Blogs)

    PadMapper uses 3Taps services for its apartment-listings search
    engine, which relies on Craigslist data to show where rentals are
    located on a map. Eric DeMenthon, who runs the company from his
    apartment in Mountain View, California, said in an e-mail that his
    income from running PadMapper has barely turned a profit. He is unsure
    how he will afford to defend himself in court, he wrote.  "I would
    have much preferred to just talk with them and figure out something we
    were both happy with, but they weren't willing to meet," DeMenthon
    wrote. "A single meeting could have made this a non-issue for both of
    us."  Craigslist offered to let PadMapper license its data, DeMenthon
    said. The license costs $5,000 per year and gives Craigslist 10
    percent of an app's revenue, according to a copy of the agreement
    obtained by Bloomberg.  Jeff Kastner, who received a cease-and-desist
    letter this month but was not named in the lawsuit, wasn't offered a
    similar licensing deal for his series of Craigslist-powered websites,
    he wrote in an e-mail. He ran about 50 websites that Craigslist
    targeted. Kastner is in the process of taking down his sites, which
    earned $24,000 from Google ads over two years, he said.  "It was never
    a primary source of income," Kastner wrote. "Not worth the hassle of a

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