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[ NNSquad ] Hacking your own Hotmail headers

Hacking your own Hotmail headers

http://j.mp/PANzb4  ("Unknown Errors")

   "Observe in Hd complete display to see the detail. It is flawlessly
    legal and is acknowledged by Microsoft as a design element of their
    Windows Dwell Hotmail shopper. Up right up until this was described by
    myself, Richard Boddington, and Grant Boxall, it was assumed that
    Hotmail emails could not be altered."

 - - -

The only "news" here is that Hotmail is vulnerable to the same header
alteration capabilities as are available to anyone who controls their
own MUA/MTA combos.  The only headers you can really generally trust
are the ones added by your own servers on receipt, such as your own
"Received:" lines.

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