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[ NNSquad ] 1 million iOS device IDs leaked after alleged FBI laptop hack

1 million iOS device IDs leaked after alleged FBI laptop hack

http://j.mp/Rhq4yu  (ars technica)

   "One million unique device identifiers (UDIDs) from iOS devices have
    been posted online by hacking group Antisec, who claimed the UDIDs
    came from an FBI-owned laptop. The group published a file containing
    the UDIDs-as well as push notification tokens, device names, and
    more-on Monday evening, promising that there are plenty more entries
    where that came from. Antisec claims the original file contained
    roughly 12 million UDID entries-some with very personal data attached,
    such as full names, cell numbers, and home addresses."

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Key word right now is *alleged*.

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