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[ NNSquad ] After Hugo Awards uproar, Ustream apparently censors all related comments on their associated blog posting

After Hugo Awards uproar, Ustream apparently censors all related
comments on their associated blog posting
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After Ustream provided their explanation and apology yesterday for the
automated content monitoring shutdown of the Hugo Awards stream, their
posting received a large number of comments from persons unhappy with
Ustream's actions and positions on this issue.  All comments on that
posting have now vanished, and no new comments are being accepted.
This appears to have occurred only to that posting at least 
recently -- all other Ustream postings that I spot-checked still have 
comments enabled and visible.

It is of course the right of every blog operator to decide if they
wish to accept comments on their blog or not.  And I also strongly
support the right of blog operators to moderate their streams to
remove obscene, inappropriate, or off-topic comments.  Such moderation
is not censorship!

But when all the comments for one specific controversial posting of
this sort vanish overnight -- and most of the ones I saw were
completely polite (though many were upset and angry), the situation
reeks of genuine censorship, absent some sort of very odd technical

http://j.mp/RhrLMq  (Ustream)

An explanation from Ustream would seem entirely in order.

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