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[ NNSquad ] Google Fiber Splits Along Kansas City's Digital Divide

Google Fiber Splits Along Kansas City's Digital Divide

http://j.mp/Ouj8iJ  (Wired)

   Two days before the deadline to get neighborhoods signed up, Google's
   effort to bring ultra-high-speed internet to a major American city
   could end up reinforcing the digital divide.  When Google Fiber
   launched last month, the announcement of the service came with the
   caveat that to get the super-fast 1 gigabit broadband hookups,
   neighborhoods would have to pre-register a certain percentage of
   households for the service. The deadline for pre-registrations is
   Sunday at midnight.  Google has a map publicly tracking which
   neighborhoods meet the goal. As of Friday afternoon, Kansas City,
   Missouri, looks divided pretty much straight down the middle. On the
   western half of the city, nearly all neighborhoods have turned green,
   indicating they've met the goal. To the east, most are still yellow,
   meaning they haven't met the goal. Right down the middle between the
   two halves runs Troost Avenue, the city's historical socioeconomic and
   racial dividing line. Based on the map generated by the signup data,
   Google's project is the latest to fall short of bridging that gap.
   "The white, affluent neighborhoods qualified and the primarily black,
   lower-income neighborhoods didn't," says Michael Liimatta, who runs a
   Kansas City nonprofit that works to bring broadband access to
   low-income residents.

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This is a very difficult problem to solve.

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