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[ NNSquad ] Amidst Outage, GoDaddy Moves DNS to Competitor VeriSign

Amidst Outage, GoDaddy Moves DNS to Competitor VeriSign

http://j.mp/S5c8IG  (Wired)

  "Following a day-long Domain Name Service server outage, web hosting
   provider GoDaddy is letting its competitor, VeriSign, host its DNS
   servers.  On Friday afternoon - about four hours after it was knocked
   offline - GoDaddy's administrators made a change to the company's DNS
   records, indicating that they were shifting control of the servers
   from GoDaddy to VeriSign."

 - - -

The DNS -- from technical, policy, and just about every other angle
you can name, has become a rickety, obsolete train wreck.  Adding on
masses of new TLDs, DNSSEC, and all the rest, is like piling more
floors onto a high-rise version of the Munster Mansion built on a
foundation that makes the Leaning Tower of Pisa look well-sited by
comparision.  It's time to thank DNS for its hard work, and prepare it
to join the other residents of punched-card and magnetic tape heaven.
Whether the replacement is a distributed IDONS-type system or
something else, the writing has long been on the wall.  Now the walls
are caving in.

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