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[ NNSquad ] Intel Demos McAfee "Social Protection" -- with a hole big enough to toss a cellphone through

Intel Demos McAfee "Social Protection" -- with a hole big enough to
toss a cellphone through

http://j.mp/QdJZlY  (Slashdot)

  "If you're unfamiliar, McAfee Social Protection is a soon to be
   released app and browser plug-in for Facebook that gives users the
   ability to securely share their photos. As it stands today, if you
   upload a photo to Facebook, anyone viewing that photo can simply
   download it or take a screen capture and alter or share it wherever
   they want, however they want. With McAfee Social Protection installed
   though, users viewing your images will not be able to copy or capture

 - - -

Hmm.  And people are prevented from taking photos off the screen with
their handy cellphone or other camera by ... uh ... nothing.
Riiiiiight.  The big problem here of course is that if people think
their photos are "secure," they're even more likely to post risky
photos.  And since they're really not secure ... well ... you get the

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