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[ NNSquad ] Why the iPhone 5 on Verizon and Sprint Won't Juggle Calls and Data

Why the iPhone 5 on Verizon and Sprint Won't Juggle Calls and Data

http://j.mp/SIUDVb  (New York Times)

   "That means when AT&T customers place a phone call and use data on the
    iPhone 5, both functions will roll back to AT&T's older network, which
    can handle them simultaneously. When you place a phone call while
    using data in an app with a Verizon or Sprint iPhone 5, it will roll
    back to their older CDMA networks, which are not capable of
    simultaneously doing calls and data. And that's why the iPhone 5 on
    Verizon and Sprint, despite being a 4G LTE device, will still not do
    both at the same time."

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Reminds me of my first GPRS phone!  

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