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[ NNSquad ] Campaigns Tracking Voters' Clicks Online to Try to Sway Them

Campaigns Tracking Voters' Clicks Online to Try to Sway Them

http://j.mp/Tn1ly4  (New York Times)

    Then, as he visited other Web sites, he started seeing advertisements
    asking him to donate to Mitt Romney's campaign. One mentioned family
    values, he said, and seemed aimed at someone with more conservative
    leanings.  "It doesn't make any sense," Mr. Goddard said. "I'm the
    opposite of a Romney supporter. But ever since I went to the Romney
    site, they've been following me."

 - - -

Regular readers know that I've staked out a fairly nuanced position on
the topic of ad targeting.  I both acknowledge that in some situations
it can become annoying ("The Congressional Web Ad Campaign from Hell":
http://j.mp/ON36W2 ) but also that it plays an important role in
keeping free Web services free and widely available to people of
virtually all income levels ("Blocking Web Ads -- And Paying the Piper":
http://bit.ly/8QLzYc ).  And I've clearly come down opposed to the
current Do Not Track effort ("Putting a Stake in the Coffin of 'Do Not
Track'":  http://j.mp/RfmVnH ).  One thing at least is very obvious --
simplistic approaches to dealing with this issue are likely to cause
vast negative collateral damage.

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