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[ NNSquad ] NJ Lt. Governor invites voters to submit invalid email ballots

NJ Lt. Governor invites voters to submit invalid email ballots

http://j.mp/SlpvFQ  (Freedom-to-Tinker)

   "We see already one problem:  The loss of the secret ballot.  At many
    times in the 20th century, NJ political machines put such intense
    pressure on voters that the secret ballot was an important protection.
    In 2012 it's in the news that some corporations are pressuring their
    employees to vote in certain ways.  The secret ballot is still
    critical to the functioning of democracy.  But there's a much bigger
    problem with the Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno's directive:  If voters and
    county clerks follow her instructions, their votes will be invalid."

 - - -

Even worse, the loony "Oh yeah, it's safe to vote by Internet!"
contingent is sure to be fired up by all this.

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