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[ NNSquad ] MUST READ: Risks in Internet Voting - From October 2012 CACM

MUST READ: Risks in Internet Voting - From October 2012 CACM

http://j.mp/SrasLf  (ACM)

   "Almost all the arguments on behalf of Internet voting ignore a
    critical risk Internet-based voting shares with all computerized
    voting-wholesale theft. In the days of hand-counted paper ballots,
    election theft was conducted at the retail level by operatives at
    polling places and local election offices. By contrast, introduction
    of computers into the voting process created the threat that elections
    can be stolen by inserting malware into code on large numbers of
    machines. The situation is even more dangerous with Internet voting,
    since both the central servers and the voters' computers are
    potentially under attack from everywhere.  Despite the serious threats
    it poses to election integrity, Internet voting is being used in
    several countries and U.S. states, and there is increasing public
    pressure to adopt it elsewhere. We examine some of these threats, in
    the hope of encouraging the technical community to oppose Internet
    voting unless and until the threats are eliminated."

 - - -

Key insights: Internet voting is fundamentally insecure. // Most
people do not associate widely publicized viruses and worms with
Internet voting. // Internet voting is being pushed in many countries
by vendors, election officials, and well-meaning people who do not
understand the risks.

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