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[ NNSquad ] Another misguided call for online voting in The New York Times

Another misguided call for online voting in The New York Times

http://j.mp/Q66qw5  (New York Times)

   "So at a time when we can see video shot by a robot on Mars, when there
    are cars that can drive themselves, and when we can deposit checks on
    our smartphones without going to a bank, why do most people still have
    to go to a polling place to vote?"

 - - -

I understand why people would love to vote online.  But when every
recognized expert in the field tells you it would be a disaster, and
fundamentals of computer security agree with them, you have to make a
choice.  Go hi-tech with voting and turn the elections over to
hackers, coercion, and worse, or admit that there are still a few
things in life that are better done the old-fashioned way -- if we
care about democracy, that is.

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