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[ NNSquad ] Gmail Location Data Led FBI to Uncover Top Spy's Affair

Gmail Location Data Led FBI to Uncover Top Spy's Affair

http://j.mp/T0nPpf  (Wired)

   "FBI investigators determined that the anonymous account from which the
    e-mails were sent belonged to Broadwell and her husband, who live in
    North Carolina. Reports are unclear about how they did this, but they
    say investigators were able to determine what other e-mail accounts
    had been accessed from the same computer address as the one that sent
    the harassing e-mails, which may have led them to Broadwell or her

 - - -

Updating from yesterday: Summary: FBI accessed Broadwell's Gmail
account.  It is not currently public information as to whether or not
they also accessed Petraeus' account, which was apparently under a

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