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[ NNSquad ] AT&T's $14 Billion Dollar 'Bribe' to Get Rid of Telecom Regulations Is a Multi-Layered Hoax

AT&T's $14 Billion Dollar 'Bribe' to Get Rid of Telecom Regulations Is
a Multi-Layered Hoax

http://j.mp/RSX30X  (Huffington)

   "Whether you call it extortion or a bribe or a bait-and-switch -- this
    sudden interest in wired services is being used to force the
    regulator's hands, on both the state and federal level: Give us what
    we want or we won't bother to do anything. AT&T is holding 22 states'
    economic future hostage.  However, this is just another telco
    flim-flam. Based on history, AT&T is lying about the amount of money
    they will spend or the deployments they will accomplish. These are not
    actual 'commitments,' though it wouldn't matter, as it is clear that
    AT&T can wiggle out of anything.  Moreover, the last two FCC
    administrations have bent over backwards to help the phone and cable
    companies in multiple ways."

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