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[ NNSquad ] Leaked docs show Russia's desire for ITU "iron fist" over Internet

Leaked docs show Russia's desire for ITU "iron fist" over Internet

http://j.mp/QPcJ7l  (CNET)

   "The Russian Federation is calling on the United Nations to take over
    key aspects of Internet governance, including addressing and naming,
    according to documents leaked on Friday from an upcoming treaty
    conference.  The Russians made their proposal on November 13 in the
    lead-up to December's World Conference on International Communications
    in Dubai. The conference will consider revisions to the International
    Telecommunications Regulations (ITRs), a treaty overseen by the UN's
    International Telecommunications Union (ITU). The treaty has not been
    revised since 1988, before the emergence of the commercial Internet.
    Russia's proposals would, if adopted, dramatically affect Internet
    governance, transferring power from engineering-based organizations
    such as the Internet Society and ICANN to national governments, all
    under the authority of the UN."

 - - -

Not surprising that Putin wants his new iron fist extended over the
Internet as well.  He needs people to harass after he runs out of
young female musicians to send to his labor camps.

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