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[ NNSquad ] Questions re DHS takedowns of YouTube videos

Questions re DHS takedowns of YouTube videos

http://j.mp/TneFTK  (Techdirt)

   "Homeland Security? Issuing copyright takedowns? For what it's
    worth, the commenter who submitted this pointed us to another
    video, which they claim is the same as what was taken down. I have
    no idea if it's the same video or not, but it is some idiotic
    conspiracy mongering, taking one comment from a reporter
    completely out of ontext, and pretending President Obama said it,
    when he did not. I never understand conspiracy theories like that,
    but that's really neither here nor there.  The real question is
    why is Homeland Security issuing takedowns?"

 - - -

The author of the article may not have seen multiple takedowns on
videos before, but they actually are quite common.  However, I would
definitely be interested in knowing more about how DHS figures into
this takedown and the legal basis for their issuing DMCA takedowns on
such videos.

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