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[ NNSquad ] AP on ITU's Internet takeover plans

AP on ITU's Internet takeover plans

http://j.mp/Tfryfb  (AP / Kentucky)

    The groups include representatives from Facebook, Microsoft Corp.,
    Amazon.com Inc. and Google - which has been leading an aggressive
    online campaign to warn about the risks of increased Internet
    regulations from the meeting ... 

    [A] proposal, led by the European Telecommunications Network
    Operators' Association, would do away with the current system -
    called "net neutrality" - that now treats all Internet traffic
    equally, regardless of who is sending or receiving.

 - - -

My full support to Google in their effort -- which should be our
effort too!

Reference: "Saving the Internet, Ourselves, and the Future":
http://j.mp/N442Tc  (Lauren's Blog)

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