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[ NNSquad ] Software patent booster to step down as head of patent office

Software patent booster to step down as head of patent office

http://t.co/7HS5w3pK  (ars technica)

    The director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO),
    David Kappos, announced Monday that he will step down from his post in
    January. President Barack Obama has not named a successor ...  Last
    week, perhaps anticipating that his imminent departure would make it
    easier for him to speak his mind, Kappos made it clear that he was
    first and foremost a defender of the status quo. In an address at the
    Center for American Progress, Kappos called the American patent system
    "the envy of the world," and told the system's critics to "give it a
    rest already."  "The explosion of litigation we are seeing is a
    reflection of how the patent system wires us for innovation," Kappos
    argued last week. "It's natural and reasonable that innovators would
    seek to protect their breakthroughs using the patent system."

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I am, frankly, not at all unhappy to see him leave the USPTO.  

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