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[ NNSquad ] New "Do Not Track" mediator immediately gets off on the wrong foot

New "Do Not Track" mediator immediately gets off on the wrong foot

http://j.mp/SqRmHZ  (New York Times)

   "Mr. Swire, a former chief counselor for privacy at the Office of
    Management and Budget, said he hoped to strike a balance that was
    palatable to both sides. He said he viewed a "Do Not Track" system as
    a kind of digital equivalent to the "Do Not Call" list, a national
    registry in the United States through which consumers may opt out of
    phone solicitations."

 - - -

Any faith that Swire will accomplish much is immediately dashed by his
using the tired and utterly inaccurate analogy of Do Not Track being
like Do Not Call.  They are utterly different situations.  Do Not
Track as currently formulated is an abomination that risks the
availability of free Web services while serving no useful
privacy-positive purpose.

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