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[ NNSquad ] Google's Horowitz deconstructs Facebook

Google's Horowitz deconstructs Facebook

http://j.mp/VcUPr4  (Business Insider)

   "In addition to touting Google+'s user stats (400 million registered
    users, including 100 million who visit the mobile app or website at
    least once a month), Horowitz took some time to slam Facebook's
    strategy of shoving ads in your news feed.  He used the metaphor of a
    guy with a sandwich board running in between an intimate conversation
    between a man and his daughter, an obvious allusion to the ads and
    promoted brands you see in your Facebook news feed."

 - - -

Amen.  Video interview of Bradley at the link is well worth viewing.
So many people I know who use Facebook say that they feel *obligated*
to use it because other people they know use it, even though they
don't *like* using it.  That leaves tremendous room for products that
people *do* like to use.

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